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The IT4CaST™ IT Capacity and Stress Test is a multi-dimensional analysis developed by Dr. Jones. IT4CaST™ analyzes information technology as a complex system. The analysis reviews three dimensions of information technology: 



1) Leadership and Culture

Using quantitative and qualitative methods, the leadership and team dimension analyzes the information technology department environment, organizational structure, team skills, culture, and overall capacity.


Dimension Outcomes:

  • Understanding of the IT department team strengths and weaknesses; 

  • Insights into the health of the IT team culture;

  • Understand the capacity and bandwidth of the team.


2) Technical Infrastructure

The technical infrastructure dimension utilizes a quantitative method to analyze the age, replacement cycle, policy, procedure, customization, and other key attributes of the physical and logical IT infrastructure.


Dimension Outcomes:

  • Understand the health of the physical technology infrastructure; 

  • Analysis of infrastructure capacity, strengths, and weaknesses; 

  • Review of the IT service catalog and technical debt.


3) Budget and Governance

The budget and governance dimension provides an analysis of the IT budget to gain an understanding of the resources available for growth and innovation.


Dimension Outcomes:

  • Understand the capacity of the IT budget to accommodate growth and innovation initiatives;

  • Understand the budget alignment with short and long-term strategic goals;

  • Analysis of existing governance processes.


4) Security and Risk

The fourth and final analysis provides an understanding of the maturity of the IT risk profile. The analysis explores team readiness, threat assessment, and organizational awareness.

Dimension Outcomes:

  • Understand the security mindset of the IT team;

  • Understand the existing threat vectors;

  • Analysis of organizational IT security awareness.


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Retreat Design, Facilitation, and Follow-up/Follow-Through


Retreats are an excellent way to foster organizational or culture change, address challenges and opportunities, or get past difficulties within the organization. The worst outcome of retreats is no outcome. Many times an organizational retreat is conducted and generates excitement and energy then fizzles as participants return to a daily routine. The Alvarez-Jones retreat methodology is comprised of five phases that ensure a successful retreat and outcomes that achieve the purpose of the retreat. 


1) Retreat design: Well in advance (2 months or more) of the retreat dates, we will work with the retreat sponsor to identify the retreat purpose and develop the initial retreat communication plan. Working with the retreat sponsor we will develop the retreat agenda, activities, exercises, discussion topics, and training appropriate to achieve the desired outcome(s).


2) Site and needs: In collaboration with the sponsor or retreat committee the retreat facilitator will assist with selection of an appropriate site, prepare all retreat materials, presentations, lesson plans, and other artifacts to ensure the success of the retreat.


3) Day of: The facilitator will ensure the retreat agenda and timing is adhered to, understanding that some deep discussion may require additional time. We will be flexible in facilitating the agenda but will ensure the purpose of the retreat is achieved.


4) Outcomes: Depending on the retreat purpose we will produce an outcomes package that will include artifacts such as:

  • Listing of prioritized actions items;

  • Personal action plans for participants;

  • 30-60-90-day action plans;

  • Current culture state and future culture state documentation;

  • Business process analysis outcomes.


5) Retreat Follow-Up Follow-Through: The service that the Alvarez-Jones team takes particular pride in are retreat follow-up activities. We provide a follow-up/follow-through check-in service that ensures that leadership and retreat participants stay on track to implement changes or complete retreat outcome action items. This service is defined in advance and can be a bank of hours dedicated to conference calls, half day follow-up workshops, or other forms.


We find that the retreat follow-up/follow-through provides enormous value to the organization in implementing retreat outcomes.