Founder and primary consultant Dr. Jim Jones has over 20 years experience in information technology services. Dr. Jones is a dynamic and energetic leader with varied experiences leading organizational transformation, strong information technology (IT) governance expertise, and enterprise-wide infrastructure solutions. Dr. Jones has a proven track record of establishing and implementing organizational and cultural maturity models and techniques to build and enhance high-performance IT teams that deliver quality services focused on end user experience and enterprise success.

Dr. Jones’ has discovered the “secret sauce” for developing highly engaged IT teams in his research. Jones has quantifiably identified the organizational environment, leadership, and motivation that promotes a highly effective and engaged workforce.

Dr. Jones has sights on the future of technology and innovation in higher education. With clear strategic objectives, vision, leadership and atmosphere of collaboration I have demonstrated that an IT department can become an engaged, high performance team. 

• Organization transformation
• Focused on customer experience
• Project management
• Strategic planning
• Global engagement
• Performance management

Cultural Transformation – In three years, transformed the Information Technology Services culture by reducing cultural entropy from 38% to 16%.

Foresight - Implemented a zero-base budgeting models aligning ITS strategy with organizational mission and objective. Created institutional IT governance model that engaged board members, employees, and organizational leadership.

Staff Engagement – Developed the methodology for improving IT department culture resulting in highly engaged and motivated team.


Our expertise, professionalism, and follow-through will realize a return on the investment made with us. As a trusted partner we will provide high value solutions to your IT and organizational needs.

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