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Specializing in education and non-profit organizations.

Analyze. Strategize. Transform.

Alvarez-Jones LLC is a provider of expert IT Consultant services. We have over 20 years in IT experience and we know and understand the IT industry and technology. Our mission is to put our expertise to work in your business or organization to provide positive benefits, value, and a great return on your investment in our services.

Our expertise, professionalism, and follow-through will realize a return on the investment made with us. As a trusted partner we will provide high value solutions to your IT and organizational needs.



The IT4CaST™ IT Capacity and Stress Test is a multi-dimensional analysis developed by Dr. Jones.

Retreat Design, Facilitation and Follow-Up


Retreats are an excellent way to foster organizational or culture change, address challenges and opportunities, or get past difficulties within the organization.

IT Strategic Planning


Effective strategic planning is foundational to sustainable and innovative IT. Alvarez- Jones utilizes an engaging series of workshops involving the broadest and most diverse possible constituent input to inform the IT Strategic plan initiative.

IT Budget Modeling

The IT budget has to be modeled to support the IT and the Institutional strategic plans, be sustainable, flexible, and support innovation. Alvarez-Jones can help you design and build a budgeting model that supports these goals.